9 Entrepreneurial Personality Types, which one are you?

Finding a Business Venture Compatible to Your Entrepreneurial Personality

Becoming an entrepreneur is hard enough, but picking a business venture that doesn’t match your personality can turn into an entrepreneur nightmare!

For example, if you are a creative person that loves all things artistic, but spend your days staring at numbers at your 9 to 5…then you just made your life on earth much shorter.

People who choose business ventures that match their personalities tend to experience the greatest level of success and fulfillment with the least amount of effort.

Outlined below are 9 personality types based on the 9-point circle of the Enneagram.

  1. The Improver: Starts a business to improve the world. Your motto: morally correct companies will be rewarded working on a noble cause. Improvers run their business with high integrity and ethics.

Alert: Be aware of your tendency to be a perfectionist and over-critical of employees and customers.

2. The Advisor: Provides an extremely high level of assistance and advice to customers. The advisor’s motto is: the customer is right and we must do everything to please them. Companies built by advisors become customer focused.

Alert: Advisors can become totally focused on the needs of their business and customers that they may ignore their own needs and ultimately burn out.

3. The Superstar: The business is centered on the charisma and high energy of the Superstar CEO. You will build your business around your personal brand.

Alert: Can be too competitive and workaholics.

4. The Artist: Is the reserved but highly creative type. Often found in businesses demanding creativity such as web design and ad agencies. As an artist type, you’ll tend to build your business around the unique talents and creativities you have.

Alert: You may be overly sensitive to your customer’s responses, even if the feedback is constructive. Let go the negative self-image.

5. The Visionary: The business is based on the future vision and thoughts of the founder. You will have a high degree of curiosity to understand the world around you, and will set-up plans to avoid the landmines.

Alert: Can be too focused on the dream with little focus on reality. Action must precede vision.

6. The Analyst: Focus is on fixing problems in a systematic way. Often the basis for science, engineering, or computer firms. Analyst companies excel at problem solving.

Alert: Be aware of analysis paralysis. Work on trusting others.

7. The Fireball: Is full of life, energy and optimism. Your company is life-energizing, and makes customers feel the company has a get it done attitude in a fun, yet playful manner.

Alert: You may over commit your teams and act to impulsively. Balance your impulsiveness with business planning.

8. The Hero: You have an incredible will and ability to lead the world and your business through any challenge. You are the essence of entrepreneurship and can assemble great companies.

Alert: Over promising and using force full tactics to get your way will not work long term. To be successful, trust your leadership skills to help others find their way.

9. The Healer: Provides nurturing and harmony to your business. Has an uncanny ability to survive and persist with an inner calm.

Alert: Because of your caring, healing attitude toward your business, you may avoid outside realities and use wishful thinking. Use scenario planning to prepare for turmoil.

One fact to keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be just one, but rather a mix of several personalities. However, knowing which one fits you most will likely help you focus your efforts on the work style that yields the most results, with the least amount of struggle.



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Pedro Moore

I’m a season deal strategist and financier of startups and small businesses. A Venture Capital Advisor to various investors such as Daymond John of Shark Tank